Country #RoCur

We’ve started compiling a list of country rotation curation (#RoCur) accounts on Twitter. Yes, there are many cities, neighborhoods, and areas of study that have rotation curation accounts. The focus of this page is country #RoCur accounts. Some of these go idle from time to time. New ones also spring up occasionally, so please share any more accounts if you know them!


Australia – @WeAreAustralia

Canada – @PeopleOfCanada

Germany – @I_amGermany

Indonesia – @WeRIndonesian

Ireland – @ireland

Italy – @I_am_Italy

Japan – @We_Japan

Malawi – @CurateMW

Malaysia – @Twt_Malaysia

Netherland – @Netherlanders

New Zealand – @PeopleOfNZ

Nigeria – @WeTheNigerians_

Kenya – @CurateKE

Scotland – @ScotVoices

Singapore – @HelloFrmSG

South Africa – @CurateZAR

Sweden – @sweden

United Kingdom (UK) – @PeopleofUK

Zambia – @CurateZed

Zimbabwe – @CurateZim


Special Mentions:

Global – @WeRWorld

Africa – @Curate_Africa

Expats – @WeAreXpats